Tennis match – What to take for a tennis match?

8. 4. 2021
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8. 4. 2021 Petr Dezort

10 things to take with you for a tennis match recommended by TOPTENNIS Academy

1. Rackets – preferably with new strings. If you have more rackets than one should be stringed harder if the balls fly a lot and one should be softer if they don’t fly. Rackets should be in a Thermo bag so that the strings do not lose tension.

2. Strings – if your string breaks during the tennis match or you need to change the tension in your racket,  strings and fast stringer will save you.

3. Grips – all your rackets should have a new or almost new grip for the match. You should have another in stock in your bag. For those who sweat a lot, I recommend the Tourna grip.

4. Shoes – one for the match and spare if something is wrong on the first ones. I had with me on the clay courts two pairs with different sole. The clay was not always the same and a different sole saved me many matches.

5. Clothing – for the match and spare. If you play a long tennich match, you will have to change, not just a T-shirt. Likewise, if the match is interrupted due to rain. You should also have warmer clothes in case of sudden cooling.

"When you have everything you need for a tennis match, nothing can surprise you!"

6. Headgear – as sun protection. Some play in a cap, girls mostly with a visor, others in a scarf. If someone is playing in sunglasses, so take them.

7. Towels – preferably more if you need one to soak to cool down while changing. Wristbands are also suitable.

8. Drink – I personally used a hypotonic drink and also had magnesium powder with me. Some people like water. The point is to keep the body sufficiently hydrated.

9. Food and supplements – the match is very energy intensive and can be long, so it is necessary to replenish energy during the match. It is normal that top players use energy gels at the beginning of the match, often bananas and various energy or protein bars during the match. Preventive magnesium against cramps.

10. Others – tapes and other patches, permitted medications for pain or allergies should not be missing (unless there is a doctor in the tournament). Then scissors and massage gel (cooling, warming)

And what do you take with you for a tennis match? Do you have another tip on what to have with you? Or are you interested in our other tennis tips?

"Share your experiences with us, we will be happy to discuss them with you!"


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