How to win a tennis match – 10 practical tips

11. 3. 2021
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11. 3. 2021 Petr Dezort

If you want to win your tennis match, start before the first ball!

1. If possible, go look at your opponent in advance or at least try to find out something about him. Make a plan how you will play (and how you want to win your tennis match) and also a backup plan if the first one will not work.

2. Warm up properly before the match on the court and outside the court.

3. Make a toss before you start warm up. If you did not see that your opponent was warming up before the match then choose receive (not prepared opponent will definitely not serve great at the beginning).

"Start to win your tennis match before the first ball!"

4. Play the first ball in the middle of the court and watch if the opponent goes around the ball on the forehand.

5. Try to play long balls in the warm up to put your opponent under pressure.

6. Test during the warm up how he reacts to high balls, slice, short ball, in both strokes.

7. If the ball from the opponent goes to out, do not play it and catch it. He will lose his self confidence.

8. On the volley, before you go to play smash, try to play drop shot from the last ball.

9. Try the return from both sides, both strikes and in all directions.

10. If you play with new balls, the opponent will usually start the first serve wide.

And what about you? Do you prepare in detail for your matches or do you react only to your opponents in the match? Do you have another tip on how to prepare? Or are you interested in our other tennis tips?

"Share your experiences with us, we will be happy to discuss them with you!"


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